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How to make small furnaces capable of melting aluminum, brass, bronze, and iron. How to make sand molds for metal casting.

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The Charcoal Foundry

melt aluminum and make sand molds
How to melt aluminum. How to make sand casting molds for metal casting.

Low Melting Temperature Metals:

You can cast low melting temperature metals such as lead, tin, and pewter, in special silicone rubber molds. The Castcraft Moldmaking and Casting Guides covers these metals and silicone rubber.


If you want to learn about casting higher melting temperature metals such as aluminum, "The Charcoal Foundry" is an excellent way to start. About half of this book shows how to make a charcoal-fired furnace capable of melting a quart of aluminum in about 20 minutes.

The other half of the book shows how to make “sand molds” from patterns so you can make exactly the parts you want from your melted aluminum. Sand Molds are necessary because the heat of melted aluminum would burn up any type of rubber mold, or cause plaster molds to explode. Explains all the techniques, including: patterns, cores, copes, drags, flasks, ramming, and cutting gates. Gives sources of supply. Many illustrations and photos.

Higher Melting Temperature Metals:

Sand Molds can also be used to cast even higher melting temperature metals such as brass, bronze, and cast iron, but you will need a furnace capable of melting those metals. See "The Crucible Furnace", below.

By David Gingery. 80 pages. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.

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The Crucible Furnace

melt metal with natural gas or propane
Melt brass, bronze, iron with natural gas or propane

The author recommends that you begin learning about melting and casting metal with "The Charcoal Foundry" (see first book on this page), and points out that most home shop projects involving metal can be done just as well in aluminum as in iron or brass.

But if you MUST melt brass, bronze, or iron, this book shows how to build a furnace that is capable of it, using natural gas or propane as the fuel.

Use the sand casting technique to actually mold the molten metal. This book is all about building the furnace. It does not have information on making the sand molds, so you may want to get "The Charcoal Foundry" also, even if you want to cast metals with higher melting temperatures than aluminum.

By David Gingery. 108 pages. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.

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