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How to build vacuum forming machines, how to make patterns for vacuum forming, and types of plastic you can use.

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Do-It Yourself Vacuum Forming

Do-It Yourself Vacuum Forming by Douglas E Walsh
Do-It Yourself Vacuum Forming by Douglas E Walsh

This book has introduced thousands of modelers to vacuum forming (molding plastic sheets). Learn how to get 5 times more vacuum than any vacuum cleaner, and form up to in thick plastic sheets. Written in plain English for the hobbyist, this book shows you how to build low cost equipment from ordinary parts. Includes a wealth of information on plastics, low cost vacuum sources, how to use your oven most effectively and using alternate heat sources. Plenty of tips and examples will save you time. If you want to make a few parts on a budget, you need this book!

Tip - this is the book to get if you are new to vacuum forming, if you want to know how vacuum forming works, if you want to know how to make patterns or models for vacuum forming, if you want to know which plastics can be used for vacuum forming, and if you want to know how to hook up both a shop vacuum and a vacuum pump to get better results from a vacuum forming machine. In short, everything you need to know to get started.

By Doug Walsh. 130 pages. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.

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If you are serious about vacuum forming and want to build the same quality of machines that sell commercially for many hundreds or thousands of dollars, see Vacuum Forming Machine plans.

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